Of course the complicated things are, well considered, the simplest.

Infospell is a conceptually accomplished communications agency that specialises in energy and technology. In collaboration with our clients and partners, we are committed to finding the best position among the competition. We love it when things get challenging and we have an eye for both the big picture as well as the tiny details. We have been giving our clients a public face for almost 20 years now. Infospell is a Calovini GmbH brand.

The pleasure of tackling steep learning curves

What we do can be described with great exactitude. Not every topic or measure is the right fit. We do not claim to do everything better. For that we have our partners, with whom we realise 360° communications. Our strength lies in the strategic management of complex campaigns, the operational implementation of public relations and the designing of infographics and animations in HTML5. Regarding content, we focus on technology and energy in B2B and B2C markets.

We take a clear approach with your communication

We don’t want to entice you with a circus of promotional activities. A far more effective approach is to have a lucid thought, a concept that gives your communication an achievable, attractive line. The right direction is rarely the one that everyone takes; rather for us it the one we take the time to decide upon. We make demands on you with your success in mind and will negotiate the right path that leads to your objectives together with you. Challenge us. You will see that we keep more than we promise.